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The Organ was built in 1904 by Norman & Beard Ltd The Blower is a 1904 Sturtevant Kinetic fan maximum output 5" wind driven by 3hp electric motor. The Action is exhaust pneumatic except the pedals which were electrified by Leighton Organs in 1962. The Manual compass is 58 notes and the Pedal 32 notes. The organ was overhauled in 1974 by Norman Hall & Sons of Cambridge and has recently had the reservoir leathers renewed by Alan Goulding

GREAT   SWELL (Enclosed)  
Double Diapason (Metal) 16' Lieblich Bourdon  16'
Open Diapason Large   8' Violin Diapason   8'
Open Diapason Small   8' Lieblich Gedeckt   8'
 Wald Flute   8' Echo Gamba   8'
Dolce   8' Voix Celeste (Tenor C)   8'
Principal   4' Lieblich Flute   4'
Harmonic Flute   4' Gemshorn   4'
Fifteenth   2' Fifteenth   2'
Dulciana Mixture III Ranks Mixture III Ranks
Trumpet   8' Contra Fagotto 16'
    Cornopean   8'
    Oboe   8'
    Vox Humana   8'
    Swell Octave (Repeats on Great but not Choir)
PEDAL   CHOIR (Enclosed)  
Harmonic Bass (from Bourdon) 32' Contra Viola 16'
Open Diapason (Wood) 16' Dulciana   8'
Violone (Metal) 16'  Aeoline   8'
(from Great Double Diapason)   Rohr Flute   8'
Bourdon 16' Viola   4'
Bass Flute (From Bourdon)   8' Flauto Traverso   4'
Octave (From Violone)   8' Piccolo   2'
Trombone 16' Clarionet   8'
    Orchestral Oboe   8'
    Choir Octave (Repeats on Great)  
 Swell to Choir   Swell tremulant Trigger Lever  
 Swell to Great    Reversible Toe Piston Great to Pedal  
Choir to Great   Four Toe Pistons to Swell (Duplicating Thumb Pistons)
Swell to Pedal (Mechanical) Four Toe Pistons to Pedal  
Great to Pedal (Mechanical)  Four Thumb Pistons to Swell (Duplicating Toe Pistons)
Choir to Pedal (Mechanical) Four Thumb Pistons to Great  
    Three Thumb Pistons to Choir  
    Great and Pedal Piston Coupler Switch  
    Balanced Pedals to Swell and Choir  
The Pistons are adjustable by switches behind the side panels